Meet The Pack!

Hello, friend! We are so thankful you stopped by our cozy corner of the internet today. We’re Kaylea & Jon Nixon, along with our little man, Grey, and we currently live just outside Dallas, Texas. I say currently, because the geotag changes quite frequently in casa de NixonPack. We both grew up in New York, moved to Chicago a few years after we got married, moved back to New York, back to Chicago again, and now to Texas. 8 homes and counting…in case you’re counting.

While we may not be able to make up our minds about where to live (this world is so big & amazing, and there are so many styles of houses we can design!), we are pretty decisive when it comes to all things home. This is a place we share all of our house projects, fun family finds, recipes, and all the things we know and love. A family diary of sorts, and we consider you part of the pack.

Jon works as the President of a Heavy Equipment Auction company, and I have worn a bunch of colorful hats including Lifestyle Host, television personality, traffic reporter, brand advocate, writer, community cultivator, and more. My favorite hat is mom, but I am most fulfilled when my hand is stirring many creative pots. Together, we have flipped houses, designed a home from the ground up for The Parade of Homes, and we look at this part of our life as marital therapy of sorts 😆.

We’re an open book – so if you have a question about anything, or need help with something, leave us a comment or send us a note. We love hearing from you!