Nixon Pack Month in Review: February 2021

It is pretty cathartic to go back through all of the snippets we’ve documented from the past month and string them together in this way. Two months in a row, a lesson unfolds before us. One that’s been there, under our noses, the whole time. But here it is, for us to see in a new light, to learn from, to take into the next month with this fresh perspective. Here’s a look at the shortest month of the year, which in fact, felt quite long 😆. I’d do it all over again, though. What a gift it was to live each of these days!

NixonPack Month in Review: February 2021

I’d love to list out family goals for March, but in reality, I hope for more of the same. Praying for continued health, moments of JOY, growth, and fun adventures with these sweet faces. Less worrying, more loving. And we hope the same for you, too 💙. Thank you for being here today!

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