Sunday Scrolls: August 1st

And just like that, it’s August! We are in Austin this weekend sharing our first family getaway since our move to Texas. It was an impromptu decision, and I am so thankful we made it. Keep an eye out for a Nixon Pack vlog of the trip (something we are striving to do as we start venturing out more often!). In the meantime, you didn’t think we’d forget about Sunday Scrolls did you?! Monster balls, the fall TV lineup, a game-changing parenting podcast and the best finds of the week:


Monster Balls (no bake, vegan, gluten free, RSF)

These balls are addictive, and oh so good. But the real reason we keep reaching for another one is that texture 🤤 Stir together:

  • 1 cup GF quick oats
  • 1 cup GF Rice Krispies
  • 1 cup peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup chia seeds
  • 1/4 cup of your fave nuts (we did hazelnuts)
  • 1/2 cup dye-free m&m’s
  • 1 T. Vanilla
  • 1 T. Honey
  • 1/4 c. Maple Syrup
  • ((Optional 1/4 cup Lays chips))

🎱 they’re the perfect grab & go snack and packed with protein, fiber, and carbs to help keep you full! PS- my cardiologist made me promise I’d eat more potato chips 😆. Really. Because in the summertime with all the water we’re drinking, we need to add salt back into our bodies. Just in case you needed “permission” for a sweet + salty treat today! 🧂


Do you remember Luis from Million Dollar Listing New York? They grabbed him as one of three co-hosts for this travel show on Netflix and it’s the most gorgeous eye candy (the destinations 😆, not Luis). I love a light-hearted respite from the day, and inspiration to let your mind wander. They give three options to stay in a particular location based on budget and it is such a fun watch!


I couldn’t believe my good fortune finding this on the entry kiosk at our library. Did you read Verity? If not, click back for the review we did in January; and since I loved it so much, I was looking forward to Regretting You in a big way. Don’t go into this one expecting all of the twists and turns from her last thriller. This piece focuses on lessons of love, betrayal, healing, and hope. It’s an easy summer read, and one you can get right into from the start. I really did enjoy it, but for me, there were a few gaps that felt pretty glaring (in terms of explanation). If you decide to read it (or have read it already), I’m curious if you thought there was a missing piece of the big betrayal unveiled at the beginning. I had so many questions go unanswered! You too? 8.8/10 ⭐️


I loved so many things about this episode. And the fact that four of my mom friends sent it to me lets me know it resonated with so many others as well. The moral of the story: You, we, your kids, – we are doing okay. We are putting in the effort. We fail, we learn, we grow, we do better. And that’s all we can do. But the idea of expectation vs. treasure hunt parenting was so eye-opening and impactful. Worth a listen, and a share to parents in your life who could use a hug.



The game we’ve been playing non-stop in our house. Granny is a hoot!

Jon and I talk about this all the time: Those Who Share a Roof Share Emotions. Tips to stay in a good mood when your partner is in a terrible one.

The most compliments I have ever received on an earring. The quality is incredible (I don’t take off to sleep or shower) and they’re half off now!

I loved this piece on the Power of Plus Size Fashion. It blows my mind that in 2021 every brand is not size-inclusive.

This Fall TV lineup looks so GOOD!

I was talking to my friend Deanna about what we can control vs. what is out of our control, and she sent me this. I love how simple it boils down to: what we focus on, expands.

My husband may kill me if I bring another plant baby into this house…but it’s too cute not to! Have you seen one of these in person? Bonus: they’re easy to care for!

For all my friends with a side hustle 💰

Feeling anxious? Try this.

I love browsing the amazon handmade section supporting small artisans. How fantastic is this bookmark? From my favorite movie of all time 👠.

We can't thank you enough for coming by our little corner today. We wish we could meet you for a cup of coffee in the capitol, or share a cone on South Congress. Have the most extraordinary start to your week!

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