Sunday Scrolls: August 29th

How are you celebrating the last Sunday of August? This was our first southern summer, and I have to say, after what feels like summer temps since March, I am so ready for fall. (I know that is likely to be an unpopular opinion 😆). But we have 90’s and sun every day in the 10 day forecast so it’s nowhere in sight. How about in your part of the country? Ahead for Scrolls today: an apple pie smoothie, a juicy series, some beautiful nuggets of wisdom to take into the first week of a new month, and a big squeeze from our Pack to yours!


I’m going to bet a vegan, gluten-free pie would not taste like my Gram’s. But in smoothie form? It hit the craving (for now 😉), and did indeed smell like Grandma’s kitchen.

  • 👩‍🍳 start by blending 1 cup of gluten free sprouted oats. Just give them a quick pulse. Then add:
  • 🍏 2 cups of frozen, puréed apples or organic applesauce
  • 💪🏼1 scoop vanilla chai vegan protein
  • 🍁 swirl of maple + lots of cinnamon
  • 🥛 your favorite vegan oat or nut milk to your desired consistency


Our library has this incredible kiosk that touts “The 100 Books You Need to Read in Your Life”, and A Long Way Down happened to be one of them. When I read the jacket, I wasn’t convinced, but after reading the final page, I am so glad I grabbed it. The introspection alone, the power of human connection, the unique perspective of each character and the way the author passes the baton from one to the next was outstanding. If you are triggered by the topic of suicide, however, this one may not be for you. (I was worried about that element, but it turns out differently than you prepare yourself for). You will hug your people tight, maybe get a little misty, and for sure laugh out loud. 9.1 ⭐️


This show felt like a juicy beach read, only better. And since Jon isn’t really down with the beach reads, but enjoys a good series – I loved the discussions it brought up for us, the eye candy of Hawaii, and the twists and turns of being a fly on the wall for someone else’s vacation. Much like a good book, the ending of The White Lotus was absolutely not what I was expecting. They’ve already gotten the green light for season 2 and I can’t wait to see the cast they choose!


I am very much into the concept of habit stacking. It’s from one of my favorite books Atomic Habits, which Jenna references in this podcast. Say you want to remember to take your vitamins each day – put them right next to your toothbrush. When you brush your teeth, you take your vitamins right after, and soon it becomes second nature. She had a bunch of actionable tips in this episode including how long it actually takes for a habit to stick (hint: it’s not 21 days like we were told).



If you click on one link, please let it be this. No matter how many times I hear them singing, I continue to be moved to tears. I played it for Grey after school and he sat so still, listening, and one tear rolled down his cheek at the end. God Bless our service men and women.

This advice for avoiding small talk was SO good!

How sweet are these pumpkin pillows? I love all things boucle.

And since I already broke the fall (pun intended 😆), I am loving the whole Harry Potter collection of Halloween decor 😍.

Bookmarking these vegan pasta dishes for when we need some comfort cooking.

“Perspiration Elation”. I’m all for it!!

10 new Netflix documentaries. Which one piques your interest?

They talk the Barefoot Dreams blanket to death (I don’t own it, but have cuddled it and I sort of get the hype), but look! It comes in a dog sweater for a fraction of the price!

“If you want to change the world, make your bed in the morning”. Jon sent this to me, and I bookmarked it to listen to again and again. So many nuggets of wisdom and inspiration tucked in!

You know how they say you need 10K steps a day for optimal health? Apparently, that’s not the right number. I think you’ll like this one better.

This has been on Grey’s Christmas list for years, and I finally ordered it this week. Getting a head start on holiday shopping is great…until you forget your hiding place, or the fact that you bought gifts already!

On my mind this week: my Aunt Joyce and Uncle Gary. They celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary this weekend, and are truly the kind of people I pray I grow up to be. They watched me while my mom worked when I was little, and I will be forever grateful for the positive impact they had on my life. They were so patient with me, so tender-hearted; and through all the years of moving away and letting life get in the way - I never forgot their love. That's how special they are. A reminder to all of us that you can be a part of someone's village even if you're many moons away. You can choose to be a force for good that showers love, light, kindness, and holds space for them.

They have always been a couple I hope to emulate my marriage after, instilled my love of coffee from small sips at the age of four 😆, and are the kind of people absolutely no one has a bad word to say about. I hope if you have someone in your life like Aunt Joyce and Uncle Gary, you feel moved to tell them how much they mean to you. I guarantee you'll make their day 💙.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Scrolls: August 29th

  • Reply Bonnie Thomas August 29, 2021 at 9:13 am

    Enjoyed reading your scrolls today!
    I especially liked your ending . Saying you should tell people you love how much you appreciate them!!!❤

    • Reply nixonpack August 29, 2021 at 3:34 pm

      Happy Sunday, Bonnie! Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to be here with us! I am so thankful!

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