Sunday Scrolls: August 8th

It is so wonderful to see your face today! Thank you for joining us for another edition of Scrolls. We’re highlighting Grey’s creamsicle smoothie, an eye-opening podcast on the power of voice (not in the way you’re expecting), quotes that will stop you in your tracks, and some of the coolest finds of the week. And something I feel drawn to tell you today – for friends who have taken on something new recently- a hobby, side hustle, fresh set of goals: I see you. I’m with you. You are doing the work, and it will pay off in such an incredible way, opening doors you never knew existed. The pain is temporary, the gains are extraordinary. Alright. Welcome! Come on in:


Creamsicle Smoothie
  • 2 Orange Good Pops (organic, vegan, RSF)
  • 2 cups of mandarin oranges (we popped the containers right in the freezer)
  • 1 scoop simple vanilla vegan protein
  • 1 T. organic orange boost
  • splash of vanilla
  • coconut milk
  • option to sweeten with agave or maple syrup

And if a SAMOA cookie smoothie is more your jam – this was my favorite smoothie all summer!


You might have seen this hitting the Top 10 Netflix recommendations lately – which, I’ll admit, I only clicked on when I saw one of my favorite Nashville stars was in it. Otherwise, I think it’s a little too young for me πŸ˜†. We made it through the Pilot episode, but I don’t think I’ll be able to last for two whole seasons. Here’s a list of must-watch Netflix shows + movies streaming in August. (PS – I just found out Billions and Succession return next month!) This week, we’re finishing up season 3 of Virgin River. I don’t want it to end!


Typically, I don’t share books I didn’t love at all. But I’m sharing this one for two reasons: 1) So you save yourself some time to move on to a better one if it doesn’t sound like your jam. And 2) To ask what your policy is if you start a book and immediately don’t click with. Do you finish it, or leave it and start something new?

I struggled with that conundrum with Such a Fun Age. It made Reese’s Book Club! There had to be a reason. But page after page, I couldn’t find it. The expletives and slang were (in my opinion), forced, and not necessary. Dare I say, they made me a little uncomfortable. The story line wasn’t that interesting. Typically, a great writer can make their characters feel real, relatable in some way, either to yourself or someone you know – I never found that with this book. It was so bad, I couldn’t finish, and that has only happened to me two other times in my life 😩. If you read it and liked it, please cue me in! I would love to know what I missed. Also, next week’s Scrolls recommendation will blow you away – it is so phenomenally written, and I cannot wait to share!


This was such an interesting, eye-opening listen! I love learning new information, especially nuggets of wisdom we can use for our personal development + growth. In this podcast, the expert explores the deeper meaning of our voice: vocal tonality, intonation, inflection, the way others perceive us based on these factors, what our voice says about us on a deeper level. I only wish I heard this back in my Bridge Street hosting days. I remember one viewer who dubbed themself “Grumpy 66” would leave the harshest comments about the grating tone of my voice. While they could have phrased it in a kinder way (or remembered the Golden Rule), they weren’t wrong. I was young, insecure, and inexperienced. Looking back (and after hearing this interview) I see it now!



Last purchase of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before it ends. I love the look of these styled with a dress, jeans, or the right pair of joggers.

My parents have been dreaming about retirement in Maine. Eyeing this dreamy lineup of New England hotels for when we visit!

If you need a first day of school board, this is the one we bought for Grey. And these chalk markers are fantastic!

Humidity hair is the worst 😩 – love these tips to fight the frizz. I keep hearing about scalp health and the impact it has on your hair. Just ordered this (and have it in right now)!

Do you have 5 minutes? Here are 20 organizational tasks you can tackle!

I am working on a Cherry Chai smoothie recipe and this clean protein powder takes the flavor to a whole new level. I’ll share the recipe on our page next week if you want to make it with me!

β€œWhat brought you joy and laughter as a child, and can you recreate those moments now?” An essay on The Healing Power of Play.

I love the vibe of this superstar’s home. It has such a relaxed, soft feel and is in stark contrast to so many celeb compounds in LA. Here’s a video tour.

This is one of my favorite books of all time, especially the power of intention. Here’s how the author says you’ll know if you’re on the right path.

I’m fascinated by other people’s habits and goals. This was inspiring!

Why you should wear slippers around the house according to a podiatrist. Do you wear slippers or socks? I’m usually barefoot, but in the winter I wear these.

Truly spectacular photos from the Olympics.

It's a week of milestones for the Pack. Today, we're celebrating my brother's birthday (so hard when you're too far to eat cake together in person 😩), and Grey starts Kindergarten on Thursday! What are you celebrating this week?

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