Sunday Scrolls: July 18th

We can’t thank you enough for all the love we got last week for the launch of Blenderista. We had such a fun (long πŸ˜†) day making smoothies at the farmers market in Dallas and are so excited to work toward the next step. We have some big ideas we’re blending up! How was your week? I hope you’re feeling well rested and joyful. Today’s Scrolls is packed with delicious finds: Grey is back in the kitchen sneaking treats with our Vegan S’more Shake, a book club pick to help you live to 100, and we have the best list of try it links at the bottom to round it out – something for everyone! Thank you for being here πŸ’™:


S’more Smoothie Shake (vegan + GF)

This is a TREAT! But we’re sneaking in some health and you (& your kids!) won’t even know it’s in there 😍.

  • Start with frozen riced cauliflower into the blender. I know what you’re thinking. But again, you won’t taste it! It’s there for nutrition, and also, the frozen component – the colder a smoothie is, the better.
  • Add in your favorite chocolate protein powder, or collagen builder. Here’s the one we added this time (it’s vegan collagen + protein).
  • Next, we added Keto cacao. It’s luscious and oh so chocolatey.
  • Throw in some dandies (the best vegan marshmallows!).
  • Add some gluten free graham crackers.
  • And bring it all together with your favorite dairy-free milk. We went with coconut milk. SO yummy!
  • Blend well, then top with chocolate syrup, more crushed grahams, and a marshmallow or two 🍫. The best summertime smoothie!!


I have long been entranced by the stories, interviews, and secrets of the centenarians in the blue zones. And since the internet cookies know all the things 😳, Ikigai kept popping up in my book club suggestions. I feel so thankful it did. Some of the tips you have heard before. But many I had not, at least not presented in this way. It is such a beautiful book with a wonderful flow that gives actionable ways we can achieve longevity, health, purpose, and JOY. This would make for a great read, and gift, for anyone in your life (no matter how old or young). 9.3/10 ⭐️


I love all things Steve Carell. And of course, Rose Byrne (Bridesmaids for life). This was a cute movie, not as political as I was expecting, and a beautiful wind-up at the end to bring it all together. Was it the best movie you’ve seen in a while? Probably not. But Irresistible is one you don’t need to pay attention to too closely to enjoy, and everyone can watch without an argument πŸ˜‰.


This was a powerful message, and one so short, you can listen on your drive to the grocery store. What really resonated with me was the “scout mindset” versus the “soldier mindset”. Have you heard about that before? Insightful, thought-provoking, fantastic.



17 Easy Habits To Change Your Life. YES to all of these πŸ‘πŸ½.

Did you shop Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale? I quite literally did not buy any clothes for myself. I was too excited about things like deoderant and sunscreen πŸ˜†. Also, skincare. And I wish I didn’t love them so much because they’re a little pricey, but the peel pads make such a massive difference in the texture of my skin, I totally took advantage of the sale deal (and Jon uses them too)!

I snagged this coat for Grey, this Shacket for me, and a few new Psycho Bunny tops for Jon. Okay fine, one treat yourself purchase as a thank you to myself for finding all of these deals for the family – sweet little earrings at a fabulous price πŸ¦‹!

20 Signs You’re Stuck in the Dark Ages According to Millennials 😳. I am a millennial, and I’m guilty of a few items on the list: writing to-do’s with pen + paper, going to church, and still being (albeit not too often) on Facebook!

25 Easy (and fun!) Cookie Recipes For Kids πŸͺ.

5 Easy Ways To Boost Your Metabolism. ((I’m still struggling with the last one 😩)).

This piece on How I Changed My Relationship With Alcohol was so interesting. A couple of months ago, Jon and I decided to take a break from drinking our weekly date night margarita. I’ve never been a big drinker. Friends always joke that I have a two-drink maximum and that was even a lot for me πŸ˜†. But since we have been so focused on making healthy choices, eating better, working out, it felt like something we wanted to try, and see if we noticed a difference. Boy did we. I’m not saying we’ll never have a drink again. But the changes we’ve experienced give me pause. Her analogy in the article about waking up in the morning swathed in delicious, clean sheets is it. At first we really missed the ritual part of it. But then Jon started crafting the most scrumptious mocktails and we haven’t looked back!

Could you go from a 40 million dollar palatial compound to a pre-fab Tiny House? Elon did.

“Tik Tok made be buy it” πŸ’Έ

My mom always encouraged us to move our bodies after dinner. Turns out, she was on to something!

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  • Reply Teresa July 18, 2021 at 8:55 am

    Kaylea, I have a question… what blender do you prefer for making you yummy smoothies? I’ve be wanting to buy one but would like to make sure it’s powerful enough for smoothie making.

    • Reply nixonpack July 18, 2021 at 10:48 am

      Hi Teresa!! Thank you for being here! I have a few different recommendations based on price point, capacity, etc. I will send you a message!

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