Sunday Scrolls: July 25th

Hello, dear Scroller! So thankful to meet you here today. This edition of Sunday Scrolls has our all-time favorite berry crumble recipe, a Netflix series that feels like being wrapped in a fresh-out-of-the-dryer warm blanket, my aha moment of the week (that had a much bigger impact than I was expecting), and a bevy of fun finds in the links at the bottom. I can’t wait to hear which section resonates with you the most today!


These berry bars have been a long-time favorite. I used to make a version of them when my in laws would come for a visit. But with our dietary changes, I knew I could find a better way to “healthify” them, and still keep that great taste we love. I have to say, these are better than the original. It’s the crunch for me. Plus the sweet & salty combo and mm mmm mmmm, I can’t wait to share them with you!

  • 2 cups of pecans (non salted)
  • 2 cups of gluten free, organic quick oats
  • 4 T. coconut oil
  • A few shakes of pink sea salt and cinnamon
  • Swirl of maple syrup or agave nectar
  • 1/2 cup favorite berry compote or jam (we used reduced sugar berry preserves)
  • Start your food processor with the pecans (any nut you love will work – we’ve tried them all!)
  • Add in your coconut oil, salt, cinnamon + blend
  • Scrape down the sides, then add the oats + agave nectar, blend again.
  • Tamp this mixture down in your dish, reserving some for the top.
  • When you have the crust formed, spoon your jam over it, careful not to disturb the bottom layer.
  • Crumble remaining crust on top of the jam.
  • Freeze until ready to eat, and store in the fridge 😋


Right before I picked up a thick new stack of checkouts from the library (I have some exciting new reads to share with you next week!), I found this one whilst dusting the bookshelves. I vaguely remembered starting it, but never finishing. I am so glad I found it this week. Sometimes you have to leave one for a while, and try again when you’re in a different head space. Lori Gottlieb is such a fantastic writer, therapist, and human. You can feel her empathy through the pages, and the fact that we get to hear her inner monologue, her own experience in therapy, the sad (but very relatable) stories and humanity of her patients, felt like such a healing experience. 9.1 ⭐️


I don’t know what took us so long to watch this series! It has been in the Netflix Top 10 week after week for what feels like forever, and while we only started it this week, I knew instantly that I loved it. It takes place in the most idyllic setting, the characters have such beautiful chemistry, and (so far) it feels like a laid-back, comforting show. I’ll report back when we’re deeper in 😆 – have you watched all three seasons?


The What I Know For Sure series of Oprah’s podcast has been particularly impactful for me. I have to share this with you – it is wisdom so small, yet SO big: “Did you do your best today?” She talks about it in this episode, and I know what you’re thinking as you read it, it’s not this big aha, never heard it before, kind of sentence. I know.

But the way I let that manifest this week, is: before I open my eyes each morning, I ask God (the Universe, angels, however you’re comfortable) to help me do my best. To speak beautiful words with kind intention, to make mindful choices to fuel my body to keep it healthy, to be present with my people, to work hard for future goals…all of it. I even go so far as to ask myself if I’m doing my best when I’m tackling the menial chores. Because the small things count too. The powerful part of this is, it forces me to check in throughout the day. I even texted Jon after a challenging back and forth with Grey (testing boundaries in a way only 5 year olds can 😆), “I’m really struggling today. My patience is drained. I’m giving all I have. But it’s my best”. Your best doesn’t have to mean perfection. It’s all you can give in that moment, but there’s a peace that comes with it, that you’re being your best you (and there’s always grace, and room for improvement). It also translates to better relationships, less guilt and shame, more focus (and joy!) throughout your day. Small things, but BIG.



Eat more of this nut to boost your metabolism. We’ve got a smoothie for that we just posted this week 😉

If colorful zig zag pattern tissue boxes drive you nuts, too, I have a solution for you. The quality is so good! And the colors 🤗.

Interior designers say grey and white paints are out – here’s what they say are “in”. The Clare Golden Hour is pretty dreamy!

SO good I put it on subscribe & save automatic delivery. And I’m saving $$ switching from the Honest brand (which I still love). But it’s $10 cheaper, and dare I say, superior?! Great length, no clumping, no smudging, and *clean*!

If you’re into the enneagram breakdowns 👋🏼 – this was interesting: the best bedtime routine based on your enneagram number. Mine was spot on!

We just ordered this frame for the 3rd time. The quality is impeccable, the floating look is modern, yet timeless, and it truly elevates any piece you’re framing. 10/10 recommend.

I‘m adding this to my bucket list. Would you do it?! My parents took me to see the redwoods when I was younger, and I wish I appreciated it more.

Consciously working on deleting filler words from my vocabulary. The frequency of which I employed the word “like” used to drive my Gram nuts! I liked this perspective.

Adidas is $30 off $100 site-wide right now with code FRESH if you’re shopping back to school sneaks (or for you 😉).

Why is tan skin considered beautiful in America? A thought-provoker 💯.

Wouldn’t it be great to be bored for an afternoon? I’d like to have “extra” time to do any one of the 15 Things on their Beat Boredom list 😆

2 thoughts on “Sunday Scrolls: July 25th

  • Reply Maureen July 25, 2021 at 11:48 am

    Do you use Saigon Cinnamon in your bars?
    Thank you for Sunday Scrolls.
    I do look forward to them.
    Have a happy happy week.

    • Reply nixonpack July 28, 2021 at 6:14 am

      Hi Maureen! I use Vietnamese cinnamon often (we get it at Whole Foods). What do you like using? Thank you so much for taking time to read!

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