Sunday Scrolls: Labor Day Weekend

Long weekends feel like such a gift! And at this very moment, the house is still quiet, and I feel thankful to be poring over all of our favorite finds of the week together. We’ve been on a big smoothie bowl streak in casa de NixonPack, having fun getting creative with the toppings (shared below). Plus, a juicy new series, an incredible book that will have lasting effects on your life, and a plant powered conversation I was lucky to have with a nutrition expert. Can’t wait to Scroll with you today!


Something about a smoothie bowl feels so much more satisfying. Sure, you lose the ease and portability of a smoothie on the go, but for mornings you have a little extra time – make it a meal and treat yourself to some delectable (and super nutritious!) toppings. The beauty of a bowl is that you can really pack them in, and get a complete package of the vitamins + minerals your body is craving.

Pro Tip: use less milk for the base to get a better consistency. Also, if you’re using a protein powder – use half the serving size. You’ll get more protein with your additions on top!

Here’s what our smoothie bowls looked like this week:

Monday: Frozen aloe vera + banana base blended with coconut milk and 1 scoop of Vega vegan coconut almond protein. We topped with Nutiva Superseed coconut blend, organic PB, chunks of crystallized ginger, organic chia seeds, and gluten-free granola.

Tuesday: This was a bit of a treat day 😆 with a frozen organic cauliflower + chocolate simple protein base, dark chocolate almond chunks, organic chia seeds, Annie’s s’more bunnies, and Dandie’s vegan marshmallows. ((Only Jon had the bunnies because they are not GF)).

Wednesday: Spinach + frozen banana base topped with bee pollen from the farmer’s market, crystallized ginger, chia seeds, sliced almonds, dark chocolate raisins, and shredded organic coconut.

Thursday: This PBJ smoothie bowl was a hit! A frozen organic blueberry and tofu base topped with organic PB, goji berries, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, dark chocolate blueberries, toasted walnuts, and homemade strawberry sugar-free jam.

Friday: A delicious base of frozen, organic dark cherries + vegan vanilla chai protein, topped with goji berries, hemp hearts, frozen dark chocolate covered cherries, organic almond butter, and cacao nibs.

Saturday: A scrumptious strawberry base with organic oat milk and vegan vanilla protein, topped with strawberry jam, chocolate covered raisins, toasted pecans, hemp hearts, and flax.

Still looking for more inspo? We post daily at @nixonpack and would love to blend with you there!


This has been the most impactful book I’ve read in a long time. My fascination with the lymphatic system started when I went back to school for my nutrition/ wellness certification. If you have ever suffered from lack of energy, swelling in your limbs, digestion issues, anxiety, allergies – any ailment big or small – I can’t recommend this enough. Lisa doles out SO much wisdom, and most importantly, actionable steps to improve your lymphatic drainage. Did you know that the lymphatic system has no pump?! Our cardiovascular system has the heart, but the lymph relies on the bodies mechanical movement, gravity and pressure to help move the fluid around. We don’t always do a good job of it (hence the aforementioned symptoms) and this has helped me immensely. I know it will do the same for you!


This limited series was so well written! I don’t want to give too much away, but when you think about the internet and what people are capable of behind the veil of a screen, it is terrifying. (Grateful for this cozy Scrolls community!) They found a way to weave in so many plot twists without it feeling forced, and an ending that felt shocking and completely unexpected – it is a must-watch.


My friend Molly Morgan, a Registered Dietitian and wealth of knowledge for all things health and wellness, came on Part of the Pack to talk about the power of eating a plant-focused diet. I know how hard some of these shifts can be, but they pay massive dividends both short and long-term. Do you have any follow-up questions for either of us? We’re happy to help! We hope to continue the conversation and cover eating for immunity, as well as how to help our picky eaters at home to make healthier choices.


Too many good nuggets flew by me this week. Thankful to have a space for them here so we can go back and find the reminders when we need them. Tap through the arrows to read the one that speaks to you.


An interesting take on kindness and niceness, and the difference between the two.

“Leather” trousers are going to be big for the cooler months, especially in color. Do you like the tailored look, or joggers?

The power of a “hook” at dinner. Aha!

Why didn’t they make shark bite backpacks when we were in school?!

Kombucha is incredible for gut health. Jon and I have one as a mocktail a few times a week, and I would love to learn to make our own. Just be careful when buying store-bought, a lot of them have sneaky sugars!

These brain teasers are fun once in a while to keep those neurons firing – most of them I can’t find, but this one I nailed. Can you find the scissors in the flowers?

Do you swap out your Apple Watch bands? I hadn’t changed mine in forever, and just grabbed these fun colors on sale. It’s a little pop of joy when you look down and see these happy hues!

Rising rates of depression could be caused by this. I can totally see it 😩.

Love a good news story 🐱. We need more of them, don’t you think?

I used to read this book as a kid and it always made me sad. Grey has it on his bookshelf, but rarely asks for it. This says what we’ve all been thinking 😆.

We are finally getting around to some projects we’d been saving for, like the movie room. Just ordered this popcorn machine, and this cozy throw.

I hope the remainder of your Labor Day weekend is just what you've been craving. Whether it's the feeling of accomplishment after putting off projects around the house for a while, and finally having the time to tackle them. Or taking the time you need to rest and re-charge by staying in bed a little longer, and reading a book cover to cover. Perhaps both. Thank you for spending some of it with us today. Sending back a big hug, from our Pack to yours!

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