Sunday Scrolls: September 19th

Have you tried re-phrasing “I have to” to “I get to”? We’ve been working on that with Grey this week (us too ?) and it has been such a gratitude swap. Instead of “I have to exercise this morning”, try, “I get to exercise this morning”, and take one extra second to appreciate the why of it. Because your body can move, because your heart and lungs are healthy, because you care about your mental and physical health. I used it for making dinner after a long day, running errands I had been putting off, having a conversation I had been dreading. That simple attitude shift made all the difference. I hope it can for you too this week, if you want to give it a go! In the meantime – we’re making a simple seasonal snack, a long overdue popular series review, and some sweet finds in the links at the end! Thank you for Scrolling with us!


Pumpkin Stuffed Dates

If you fall into the give me pumpkin everything please camp ??, these are for you! Not only are these bite-sized treats packed with fiber, they’re also anti-inflammatory, great immunity boosters, and oh so flavorful! Normally, I make a little PBJ “sandwich” with the dates, but I had the idea to add pumpkin when I reached for the peanut butter and bumped a can of pumpkin off the shelf. Talk about a happy accident!

Pumpkin Stuffed Dates
  • Step 1: Pick out the best of the box – the soft, fresh medjool dates – and pit them.
  • Step 2: On one side of the date, spoon about a half teaspoon of canned pumpkin.
  • Step 3: On the other side of the date, stick in your favorite nut – I chose pecans.
  • Step 4: Sprinkle a little pumpkin spice, or cinnamon, then close the date.
  • Step 5: Melt some Lily’s white chocolate in the microwave (30 second intervals), and drizzle over the dates.
  • Step 6: Top with a dash of sea salt, and more cinnamon.
  • Store in the freezer for when you need a sweet treat!


What on Earth took us so long?! You can’t avoid the buzz around Schitt’s Creek, but I remember giving it a go a year or two ago, and we must have been in a mood, or the timing wasn’t right, because we watched one episode and didn’t “get it”. Fast forward to a friend of ours insisting we try again, and thank goodness she did. What a GIFT! It is laugh out loud, rolling on the floor, quotable hilarity and if you need a deep belly laugh (who doesn’t) this is for you.


Oprah called The Seat of the Soul the most life-changing book she has ever read, particularly because of Gary Zukav’s thoughts on intention. So when I saw Universal Human cross my feed, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I have so many pages dog-eared, highlighted, and exclamation points surrounding countless chunks of wisdom. It is filled with golden nuggets: emotional awareness, the state of humanity, trust, inspiration for spiritual growth, and on and on and on. A keeper! 9.6⭐️


5 questions to ask yourself when you’re feeling down:



We posted 3 Wellness Trends To Try this week – do you weave any of these into your daily routine?

My Gram used to have all her Christmas shopping done by September. I thought she was a little nuts about it, until I realized how stressful it is leading up to the holidays! Just grabbed this for Grey on sale! He is going to freak out (in a few months when he opens it ?) ?

A nutritionist-recommended swap for sugar. I love this one – here’s what we use in smoothie bowls, baking, apple dip, etc!

For my thin hair twins! This is the real deal.

This is my first time hearing about this new generation: Generation Alpha. What do you think?

We finally caved and got an under-sink water filter. It doesn’t take up much space at all, and goes right to your cold water tap (no additional faucet needed). The taste is 1000x better – and the quality ?!

Can’t wait to try this vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe – straight from the Met gala!

Speaking of, what was your favorite look? I’m over the naked vibe to be honest, I miss seeing real dresses ?, does that make me old?!

The best fall boots I’ve seen yet ?.

How to tell if your peanut butter has gone bad (it’s sooner than I thought).

What are “fringe friends” and why are they important?

Jon does our in-person grocery shopping (I do better at the online orders – love Thrive!), and he brought home this delicious tea. It promotes gut health and wowowow is it great if you’re having any digestive troubles ?.

Somehow I have never gotten into Mackenzie-Childs pieces (though they sure are beautiful!), until I came across this lovely lady. I have her on a “wishlist”, for when we have something to celebrate!

You being here with us each week means more than you know. We love reading your notes, what resonated with you most, and especially love when you share your fun finds and milestones with the Sunday Scrolls fam. It is the coziest corner of the internet - I'm sure of it. Thank you for making it that way ?. 

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  • Reply Sharon Sterling September 19, 2021 at 5:40 pm

    Sunday scrolls are such fun to read! We love $chitt’s Creek! I think I have watched the whole series at least 3 times.

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