Sunday Scrolls: September 26th

If you need a boost to power you through the start of the week ahead, I hope you’ll find it here. We have a round-up of some of our favorite treats and try-ons to share with you today: this week’s read was such a good one that I know you’ll read in record time, along with a scrumptious s’moregasbar recipe, fashionable family movie, and a list of links at the bottom with something fun for everyone. Thank goodness you’re here! We couldn’t wait to see you!



These crunchy, munch sweet + salty treats are what we’ve been snacking on this weekend. It’s the velvety date caramel on top for me ?.


Having read The Four Winds back in March, I was eager to pick up another novel by the incredibly talented Kristin Hannah. Summer Island didn’t disappoint. One of the things I love most about her writing is how deeply she understands her characters, and the full-circle manner in which she is able to showcase their nuances, development, and emotions to us. The heartbeat of this novel is something I know all of us can relate to. One life event, felt so differently between the people who experienced it together (yet from completely different perspectives), and the way it shapes the years that follow. This spotlights a mother-daughter dynamic, love, loss, forgiveness, and growth. It was a fantastic, un-putdownable 9.1 ⭐️.


We didn’t watch Cruella for the longest time because I had heard it wasn’t totally kid-appropriate. But since Grey kept asking, and we all watched it together snuggled on the couch; I figured we could handle fast-forwarding through non-appropriate scenes. In actuality, I see where the hesitation lies – but it ended up being OK for our almost six year old – and I have to say, I LOVED the acting, the fashion, and the glamour. It did feel more adult than the kids movie I was expecting, but there’s something in it for everyone!


This is just SIX minutes of goodness. I hope you can make time on your drive to the grocery store, or those last few minutes when you’re waiting for the laundry to finish, or in the quiet before your next conference call. I promise you, the message is worth it. How the simple act of elaborating can better serve us, and everyone around us.



The 26 Most Beautiful Towns in America. Wouldn’t this make for an amazing bucket list to travel to every one? ?

(Repeats to herself: I do not need another pair of sneakers. I do not need another pair of sneakers.) But maybe you do?

We stumbled upon this artist in a little shop in Fort Worth and I love so many of his pieces. What do you think of this one?

A 100 mile walk in Spain sounds like life goals to me ??.

This is one of those secret Hollywood beauty secrets. You know when you see someone with a beautifully put-together ponytail or bun and they don’t have any frizz or flyaways poking out? It’s because of this. 10 extra seconds and wowowow what a difference!

Are you near any of these amazing fall festivals?

For when you’re sick of jeans, but can’t wear athleisure. These look fab will fall boots, trainers, loafers, etc. and are super sleek and comfortable.

Did you know you’re supposed to replace your pillow every 1-2 years? That way you make sure they’re free of allergens, and that it continues to support your head and neck for optimal sleep. I just re-ordered this one for the 3rd time. It comes with extra fluff to add, but I find it to be perfect as-is.

3 Surprising Things About Memory from a neurologist. His first nugget was new to me!

Very into neutrals for fall and love that you can dress this up or down depending on where you’re headed.

And an amazon deal on a similar style – if you’re deciding between the terry option and this one – this style is far more flattering! So many of us can rock this one. I like it with a button down tied around the waist and some layered jewelry to give it a pop.

Do you tell your friends I love you? I sure do. I love you, Holly!

How to keep your kids from interrupting. (A daily struggle in this house)

Grey ran his first timed race this weekend, and I wish I had half of his energy ?. We had a rollercoaster of emotions about it - neither Jon nor I could run with him; Jon is well overdue for a hip replacement, and when I had knee surgery, they told me I wouldn't be able to run again. We felt so thankful for a mom friend who said she'd keep an eye on him during the one-mile race. But I had this moment while we were there, seeing all of these tiny humans, parents, even grandparents running and walking together - making movement part of their lives. We are so lucky to be here today, with the ability to choose to make our health a priority. Even getting outside and walking to the mailbox. Doing one more trip up the stairs than we did yesterday. In case you need a reminder like I do: they don't have to be big feats like running a race, the little steps add up too. You're doing great - know that we're praying for your continued health, and some joy jolts along the way this week!

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